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Cyberox Cryptocurrency Services

Cyberox is one of a very few organisations to employ cryptocurrency specialists able to investigate and assist in all things crypto.

Whether you require assistance with acquiring cryptocurrency, investigating, or identifying and seizing funds from a device, Cyberox have a range of experts available to assist.

Cryptocurrency Services that Cyberox Offer:

Cryptocurrency Acquisition
Cyberox have experts available to assist with the purchasing of cryptocurrency in a secure manner whilst also ensuring that once purchased, the cryptocurrency acquired is stored safely.
Cryptocurrency Asset Recovery
Our cryptocurrency forensics team have the skills and tools available to identify and recover cryptocurrency assets through a multitude of computer forensic techniques.
Cryptocurrency Asset Tracing
This uses passive detection software to identify any access points on the wireless network or associated connected devices, which could provide unauthorised access or allow Over the Air (OTA) data to be intercepted.
Cryptocurrency Asset Valuation
Require a cryptocurrency asset valuation? Cyberox have the personnel to calculate crypto valuations in each crypto wallet retrospectively and in the present.

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